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Hot USB acoustic static ball plasma magic night light acoustic light touch electrostatic ball

Hot USB acoustic static ball plasma magic night light acoustic light touch electrostatic ball

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Product Description
Usage: plug and play. Connect the USB cable DC plug to the product, and connect the USB plug to the COMPUTER USB port or the power
supply with the USB port; Or install 4 no. 7 batteries. Turn the switch to the ON position to light the product, and the OFF
position to close the product.

Power consumption: Up to 2.5 watts at 5 volts.

Working humidity: : 90%

Working voltage: : 5V

Operating current :≤500mA

Working temperature: -20℃ -75 ℃

Storage temperature: -40℃ -85 ℃

Anion USB magic ball lamp

Power supply mode :USB

Legend of magic lamp magic effect also lies in:

1. Disinfection function: Anion can also neutralize static electricity, effectively reducing electrostatic pollution in the air.
In addition, a large number of high-speed negative ions will be generated outside the lighting. Under the action of the thermal
effect of the light, the aerodynamic principle can be used to spread to the whole indoor space more uniformly and effectively, so
as to disinfect and purify the environment without dead spots.

2. Purification of air: The anion emitted by the sphere has the functions of refreshing air, decomposingnicotine and harmful gases
and dust particles such as formaldehyde produced by decoration. At the same time of illumination, it can form negatively charged
air anions. When the negative ions combine with the bacteria cells in the air, the bacteria cells will die due to the structural
changes. The negative ion can neutralize the positively charged smoke dust floating in the air through the negative charge, and
make it deactivated after natural precipitation, and finally achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

3. Electrostatic induction: This product USES the principle of excited plasma discharge, when your hand on the electron beam will
follow you to there, as if your hand is magic, very magical. Touch on the body of the planet, the speed of light will follow the
finger jump, highly dynamic.

4. Production of reactive oxygen species: the use of negative high voltage ions to generate negative ions, reactivated oxygen
molecules in the air and make it easy to be absorbed.

5. Improve lung function: After 30 minutes of inhaling negative ions, lung function increases by 20 percent to absorb oxygen and
15 percent to excrete carbon dioxide.

6. Prevention of air conditioning disease: anion decomposition of bacteria, dust, keep the air clean, eliminate fatigue, can
effectively prevent air conditioning disease.

7. Promote metabolism: Negative oxygen ions can activate a variety of enzymes in the body and promote metabolism.

8. Enhance disease resistance: negative oxygen ion can refresh people, improve work efficiency, improve sleep, and have an obvious
analgesic effect.
9. Bactericidal function: the negative ions are easy to absorb bacteria, causing structural changes and energy transfer, resulting
in the death of bacterial lesions, and no new bacterial species will be generated.

10. Fresh air: The negative ions combine with the floating smoke and dust in the air and make it precipitate, making the air
become clean.

11. Reduce electrostatic radiation: the "-" charge of the negative ion and the "+" charge of the display phase merge to reduce
electrostatic radiation.
Products Description
6" plasma ball
12.7 x 12.7 x 25 cm
ABS plastic & glass
1pc/color box, 6pcs/ctn
17.5 x 17.5 x 32.8 cm
54.5 x 36.5 x 34.5 cm
3.6 / 6.23 kgs

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